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Licrus Enterprise solutions are now available to all field engineers. The HVAC(air conditioning) industry's most innovative field application is now available. You can use it, even if you are a single user.

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Plan, Save Time!

You don't have to rush to serve your customers. Before start the day, You can prepare work plan for worker basis and distribute tasks instantly. In this way, you can avoid waiting times or wasting times on the road.

With Licrus, you increase your productivity and make your customers happy with your quick response time.

Licrus Mobile, special created for field engineers

It is not an ordinary task management application. 100% improved solution for Service Site Management

Serve faster with the help of mobile applications. Increase your customer satisfaction and follow performance of your field engineers. Field engineers who are constantly in moving, get into your system without the need for office support. In this way Share information instantly, get customer feedback as fast.

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Innovative Features

What makes Licrus different is that it is not only innovative, but it also brings you to it. All modules and features are available in a single package. Quickly find answers with Licrus to your growing and developing needs with your business.

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User Friendly Interfaces

For field engineers, our 5-step rule is a first in its field. We aim to solve all processes in 5 steps.

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Modular and Expandable

E-Library, Hot Sales, Loyalty System, Spare Parts Order are all modular and authoritative.

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iOS & Android

You can use mobile applications from iOS and Android devices and print from bluetooth printers.

Prices and Plans

Everything you need for your Service and Field employees is in one package. You can determine your payment plan and number of users and get started right away.


Ideal option for users who want to work alone but in a planned way

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  • 1 Sevice Point
  • 1 User
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Documents


User/Per Month

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Ideal for those who want to take control of their business and grow.

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  • 1 Service Point
  • Min 3 Users
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Unlimited Documents


User/Per Month

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If you have field employees around the world or in every city in your country, you should meet Licrus Enterprise.

  • Unlimited Service Points
  • Unlimited Users
  • Work Without Country Restrictions
  • Available in Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure